About Us

Storm winds. Beetles. A new wing in your house.

Bolder Hill Tree Service

Whatever the reason, you’ve realized your tree is a hazard or obstruction. It’s time to remove it.

As a old-growth state, New Jersey Tree removal (and similar work, such as tree pruning, and storm damage remediation) is a dangerous job—and one that, if not done properly, can leave a giant mess or take days to complete.

If you need New Jersey tree removal, you want to call a service that is local, who will do the job quickly and safely.

You want to call us for all your New Jersey tree removal and other tree service needs.


We love trees. We’ve been dealing with them for over 30 years. We know when and how to make one safe—and when it needs to go.

We call you back, and talk to you. We let you know what’s happening, and what to expect. For tree cutting, NJ residents will not find a more customer-focused service.

We’re fully insured. In an industry full of people taking chances on their lives and your property, that’s no small thing.

Please contact us at 201-956-1474 or email adam@boulderhilltree.com. We will schedule an appointment at your convenience, arrive on time, and always give you the attention and answers you need. For New Jersey tree removal, tree pruning and storm damage service, we are the service to call.