Storm Damage


You went to bed in a storm. Then you woke up, and the tree that was standing majestically in your yard is now lying in your driveway. Or even worse: it’s smashed into your house, car, or something else.

You need Emergency Tree Removal, and you need it now!

  • If this is you, call Boulder Hill Tree Service.
  • If this is not you (but there’s a storm on the way), then call us before any damage is done.

Our Storm Damage service serves as an emergency response unit. The day after a storm, we’ll treat your emergency tree removal project as a matter of life…and limb.

We’ll respond to your call rapidly. We’ll come by to give you an assessment. And we’ll get started as soon as we are able—so you can go back to life as usual.

Please contact us at 201-956-1474 or email We will schedule an appointment at your convenience, arrive on time, and always give you the attention and answers you need.